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Youtube Marketing: The Complete Guide For Beginners

Sasarey Media gives you wings to grow your youtube channel .YouTube Marketing is the practice of promoting businesses and products on YouTube's platform, by uploading valuable videos on a company's YouTube channel or using YouTube ads.


On its official website, Youtube shares details about how to begin. It encourages their visitors to become YouTube stars, referring to it as the world's largest video sharing site, with over a billion users. On the other hand, Youtube further says that people spend an average of three hours and 50 minutes a day watching Youtube videos. To tap into this enormous market, we will help you understand how to use YouTube to promote your business. To help you understand how much YouTube marketing is worth, let us consider some benefits of using it. Benefits of Using Youtube Marketing 1. Attract large audience YouTube is a great way to promote your products or services by making the most of its powerful and abundant audience, which is also known as the bigger audience.

Who Should Be Marketing Their Business On YouTube

People are on YouTube almost 24/7. It doesn't matter if you're a small business or a company with billions of dollars in sales, you can succeed on YouTube as long as you're honest and trustful in your marketing approach. Benefits Of Working On Youtube It has been proven that people who share their personal stories on YouTube receive a higher click rate than their competitors. There are millions of online video creators who can share your content and their audiences will enjoy it. There is also a global network of consumers who can become brand ambassadors of your brand. No more ads Benefits Of Using YouTube Ads Nowadays there are hundreds of tools that allow you to use ads in your videos with no coding knowledge required.

How To Create A YouTube Channel

Once your channel is ready, you can start posting YouTube videos. How To Create Your YouTube Videos You can begin uploading your videos with the help of Youtube Creation Studio (YCS) tools. These are programs that allow you to start uploading videos with little learning. Youtube CC Tools comes with YouTube Screener. It is a quick start tool. You can take full control over your videos through this tool. YouTube Edit for Video Sharing Youtube Content: Content Creation and Pre Production You can upload your videos onto Youtube from there. Most of the YouTube editing tools have different versions of the videos editor. The basic editor is good for beginners. But the pro version is more advanced and can be used by more advanced video producers.

How To Upload Videos To Your Channel

Step 1: Open a blank new YouTube video. Set up your profile and upload your business logo or website logo or your own photos of the product or service you are promoting. Step 2: Select an event or product and set the title for your video. Step 3: Add keywords and description for your video. These are the words that YouTube users will see on the video preview window when it opens on their computer screen. Step 4: Add tags relevant to your video (optional, depending on how long the video is). These keywords will appear in search results when the video appears on YouTube. Step 5: Play your video. YouTube requires that your video be at least 4 minutes long before it is allowed to play, but most people post videos that are around 6 minutes.

How To Monetize Your Videos

We'll show you how to make good videos, and monetize them in a simple and effective way. How To Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace Youtube needs more buyers and sellers. And on the other hand, sellers want to be buyers. That's why online marketing is so popular right now. What's YouTube For? If you don't know what your video is for, nobody else will. How To Provide Quality Content In 10 Minutes Or Less YouTube video posting guidelines, tips, and some best practices Ten minutes can be the difference between a video being watched and never watched. How To Create an Effective Strategy To Get Subscribers You can't spend money on your video strategy if you don't know how your subscribers work.


There are a lot of services and products out there, all claiming to be the best. Before you buy one of them, check if it is what you need and if it is worth the money. There are a lot of online training videos for budding youtube vloggers. Although not necessarily educational, they can be very helpful. Conclusion Use Facebook and Instagram to your advantage. They are no longer new, and you have a large number of your target audience already on there. Use these tools to engage with them and get their feedback. And the same goes for twitter; if you are looking for marketing tips, use the platform.